Sew it – Edgit™!

Edgit Piercing Crochet Hooks
Learn to crochet on the edge with our Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hooks.  Crochet on the edge of blankets, burp cloths, bibs, pillowcases, kitchen towels, and just about anywhere you would like to embellish an edge.

Our Edgit™ features:

  1. Optimal tip for smooth piercing.
  2. No need to punch holes.
  3. Pierce through two layers of flannel.
  4. Works with pre-hemstitched blankets, burp cloths, and bibs.
  5. You don’t need an expensive hemstitch machine to make the holes!

Follow these easy steps to learn to crochet on the edge:
Round 1  Sew a zigzag stitch around the edge of your project to set the hole’s spacing; with the Edgit™ pierce and crochet a single crochet in each zigzag hole around entire edge.
Crochet on the edge with the Edgit!
Round 2  Edgit™! Crochet your favorite edging, choose from our four pattern books your favorite edging, and gift!
Crochet on the edge with the Edgit!
Choose from one of our four pattern books your favorite edging, and gift! Buy pattern books online at

Available in the following formats:

  • Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hooks set of 2 for $6.95
  • Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hook & Book Set for $12.95
  • Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hook & Burp Kit for $21.95
  • Edgit™ Piercing Crochet Hook & Sewing Patterns 16.95

About our book, On the Edge Crochet!
Cony Larsen designed this book for beginners, her love of crochet and hemstitching has pushed her to bring this old craft back with a new flair to anyone that enjoys quick and easy projects.
On the Edge Crochet Book #4
On the Edge Crochet! includes 7 different stitch patterns to crochet on the edge of blankets, bibs, aprons, etc.  You can also use the edges to decorate and embellish the edge of a knit or crochet afghan, hat, and any item that requires a finishing edge. Books are available May 10th, 2013 the price is $8.95 and may be purchased at your local yarn or quilt shop or online at



  1. Allison Bates says:

    Is there another way if you don’t have a sewing machine to get the correct spacing?

    • A sewing machine is the best way to get the correct spacing, however, I would try the following to see if it works, one, with a sharpie or any other permanent marker, measure 1/4″ from the tip of the hook up the handle and draw a thin line across the hook, let it dry so the marker doesn’t stain your fabric, also, try it on a piece of scrap fabric first, you can measure as you crochet by using your “sharpie line” on the hook as a measuring guide.
      Another thing I would try is purchasing a see-through flexible small ruler, available probably at Michael’s, and move the ruler as you crochet.
      Please let us know if either of these suggestions worked:)


    • You could also use a product called Tiger Tape which is available at most quilt shops. This tape has black stripes spaced 1/4 inch apart. I would not put it against the edge since you don’t want to be crocheting over the tape, but measure in 1/4 or 1/2 inch (however wide you want you want your hem to be) and put the top edge of the tape there. It will not only give you a consistent spacing around the edge but ensure that the stitches are the same depth.


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